Igniting the Competitive Fire in Men

I couldn’t help but notice the tall, athletic, Italian looking man in a room mostly populated by women in San Francisco’s City Hall. I was there reporting on Mayor Ed Lee’s kickoff press conference for the Gender Equality Challenge: Building a 21st Century Workplace....

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Sexism in Education

—Sexism rears its ugly head in most institutions, including all levels of education.We want to read your point of view:What have you seen work to open the eyes of people who did not recognize the sexist standards that were in place? How have you been able to affect...

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6 Sensuous Steps to Speak With Your Touch

We’ve all seen it or imagined it: the man or woman who is supremely confident in their ability to embrace their lover and see them immediately surrender and open. It’s as if they were able to silently communicate their desires so powerfully that their lover was...

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The Matrix of Marriage

So many men are married and miserable. The worst part about this is we accept it. We think that’s the way marriage is supposed to be. We can blame it on our spouse. We might say its because of our work, the kids, or the society we live in, but rarely do we look at...

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Not An LA Kind Of Girl

My sheets smell like Marc Jacobs Daisy and I have stained the pillowcases blue but leave the ‘Please Do Not Disturb’ on my door because getting them changed makes me feel guilty. I watch people through the mirror behind the bar and am thrilled when Ari gets recognized...

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Take Cover, Men…Tornado Warning

There’s a storm front coming and it’s a runaway train of wind, rain, and possible hail swirling in an array of anger, self-righteousness, guilt, shame, grief, trauma, and addiction. Funny thing is, they’re all shaped the same—the shape of a tornado—and the ways they...

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The Best Seat in the House: Paragliding Iceland

Embed from Getty Images—If there is one natural resource Iceland will always have in abundance, it’s wind. While the country continues to inch its way towards wind power, one company has already harnessed it for the purposes of improving our quality of life:...

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” is filled with bizarre hysterical noise. Elton John as himself in feathered Captain Fantastic wardrobe goes Bruce Lee flying kick on the bad guy. Taron Egerton’s Agent Eggsy places high tech sensor in the cavity of groupie Clara, played...

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True Freedom Comes With Basic Income

 —“I can’t not do this, because I need the money…” — The thought underlying all exploitation which can be eliminated with one BIG ideaI attended a national economic conference in New York in 2015, and in one of the presentations, the speaker presented the following...

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The White Cop Myth v. the Black Cop Truth

The optics of former Baltimore police officer Arthur Williams wildly punching Mr. Dashawn McGrier in the face is antithetical to the prevailing narrative of urban police violence: white cop uses force, often deadly, on a black body.But numerous underpublicized studies...

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Catching the In-Between Moments

—This is my favorite family photo.You can tell by looking that it wasn’t planned. The moment was genuine, and the fact it was captured made me giddy.My wife loves family photos; our walls are cluttered with pictures like a hoarder’s house is with newspapers from the...

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How to Make the World a Better Place

 –Every crime committed by anyone anywhere in the world is based in the idea of selfishness.Bank robbery: I want money. Murder: I want someone gone. Running a red light: I want to be on time. Stealing a loaf of bread for a hungry child: I want to end that child’s...

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Let Go of Control, Man

—How safe and good doesn’t it feel when you’re in control? When you know that you can handle and foresee whatever is ahead of you. When I think of what ‘a man’ is, I rarely think of a guy who lets go of control. A man is supposed to be independent and strong. If he...

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5 Ways to Empower Youth in Your Community

The youth are the future!We hear this phrase so much that it has become overused and unfortunately lost its clout. In fact, they are the future, they are the leaders of tomorrow, and they are the parents and grandparents of generations to come. But what are we doing...

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